Pizo Animals – beauty in simplicity

“Keep it Simple” – one of the mantras we develop by at Sprite Kids. There is true beauty in simplicity, one does not need to inundate the user in a sea of UI elements, just give them what they need. In developing an app for children aged 5 and under, it is even more important to keep it simple for them, allowing them to focus on their activity – which in the case of Pizo is solving animal shaped jigsaw puzzles. 

When a child is putting together a jigsaw puzzle they have to remember a lot of details, they need to remember the colors and shapes in the puzzles in order to put them together. When done regularly, this enhances short term memory, improves focus, cognition and exercises the brain. 

Pizo Animals is based on the principals of simplicity, engaging characters and smooth user interactions. The result is an app that kids love playing with, this we say based on our play testing with kids. The image below captured an experience of a child with special needs who was using both his hands to put the puzzles in place, it gave us great pleasure to see the app incite such dexterity in a 5 year old. 

Pizo Animals


The beautiful jungle scenery in the app, interactive engaging animal shaped jigsaw puzzles make this a simple immersive brain building application for the children. 

It was featured by Apple in the App Store on the main page “Kids Apps and Games” list, a coveted spot on the main page for kids apps, we were very excited and glad to get this recognition for the app.  It was also featured in the “Best New Apps and Games” for Kids and Kids aged 5 and under. 

Pizo Animals

Pizo Animals

Pizo Animals is the first app in the Pizo series, stay tuned on our blog as we create more apps in this series and update the existing ones to make them even better, creating immersive learning environments for kids.